Barrilleaux Inc. strives to maintain a positive safety culture in addition to a safe and healthy workplace for employees and contractors. Employees must report any unsafe behaviors, activities, or environmental conditions, which has or could have an adverse impact to human health or the environment. Employees are to ensure the health and safety of themselves and any person likely to be affected by the workers' actions. Employees have the right to know about hazards and the means used to control or eliminate the hazards. Employees have the right to participate in workplace safety activities and to refuse to work in an unsafe or environmentally detrimental condition.

Barrilleaux Inc. is committed to our operating policies to direct and control work to achieve the Company’s objectives in an intentional and continual manner. Non-compliance with safety and/or environmental requirements is treated the same as non-compliance with any contract provision, and may result in work stoppage or Employees removal from the premises. Willful or repeated non-compliance may result in Employees dismissal and contract termination.


Commitment: Barrilleaux Inc. is committed is doing things right. Management at all levels of the organization is expected to adopt and promote compliance with our customers within their respective areas of responsibility.

Governing Principle: The Corporation will conduct its business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect the health and safety of its employees and the public, to protect the environment, and to preserve the security of its facilities and operations and those of its customers.

Requirements: Programs and procedures will be implemented and maintained that provide reasonable assurance from the Corporation:

  • Compliance: Complies with all applicable governmental and internal safety, health, environmental and security requirements
  • Operations: Maintains its facilities, conducts its operations, and performs its services in a manner designed to provide sustainable, safe, and secure transportation and logistics operations for its customers and protects the environment, safety, health, and security of its employees, its customers, their employees, facilities and products, and the public
  • Values: Makes safety, health, environmental, and security considerations a value in planning and operations. We believe that priorities can change, but values do not. Safety is a core value within the Barrilleaux Inc. organization
  • Communications Training: Reports promptly to officials, employees, customers, and the public information on safety, health, environmental, or security risks and hazards and recommend protective measures and provides regular training for its personnel on health, safety, environmental, and security issues related to their work responsibilities
  • Continuous Improvement: Strives for continuous improvement in programs, work processes, and performance related to safety, health, the environment, and security by conducting regular examination of its operations, in relation to best industry practices, and to the extent applicable, the principles and practices to identify opportunities for improvement and by establishing goals and measuring achievement


The intent of the Barrilleaux Inc. HSE case is to create a stand-alone document that is concise and clearly documents all of our major hazards identified during our conceptual HAZID and is used for regular reference for the development of our safe work plan and job procedures. Our HSE case document is simple and methodical with relevant information to the safety and health of the operations personnel, the safety of the company’s asset, and the protection of the environment as it relates to our operations. All potential major hazards to the operation have been identified, assessed, controlled, and recovery measures are in place.

Our major hazards include the following:

  • Driving / Land transport
  • Pressurized system and equipment
  • Overhead objects
  • H2S
  • Electricity
  • Objects under compression
  • Trenching / Excavation

We utilize the Bow-tie methodology to address these issues.

Barrilleaux Inc. has achieved, and maintains a industry leading safety performance. Barrilleaux Inc. has logged many man-hours over the previous years with minimal lost-time incidents. As a recipient of many safety awards of years past Barrilleaux Inc.'s safety record stands out. 

It is the safety culture of our employees and management that proves our dedication to safety and health.


  • Three Year Summary TRIR - 0.20
  • 2015 - 0.96
  • 2016 - 0.00
  • 2017 - 0.00

Experience Modification Rate

  • 2014 - 0.82
  • 2015 - 0.73
  • 2016 - 0.69


  • 2010 Texas Mutual Recognized Safety Award - Dedication to Safety
  • 2011 Texas Mutual Recognized Safety Award - Dedication to Safety
  • 2012 Texas Mutual Recognized Safety Award - Dedication to Safety
  • 2013 Texas Mutual Recognized Safety Award - Dedication to Safety
  • 2014 Texas Mutual Recognized Safety Award - Dedication to Safety
  • 10 Year Membership Award - ISNetworld April, 23, 2015


Barrilleaux Inc. holds accounts with all major online compliance sites. Based on our safety statistics, Barrilleaux Inc. holds a optimal record. Below are the verification sites that Barrilleaux is apart of: